How do I submit a claim?

When you're ready to submit a claim for reimbursement, head to the KEEP app and click Login with Merit. (You can also view the full instructional video here)

You'll use the email address and password you created during the account set up process.

Before you submit your first claim, you must first link your bank account. Click the Connect bank account button and follow the instructions. 

For each child awarded the grant, you'll see a dashboard that lists the available, pending, and spent funds. Below you can see the list of claims that have been submitted and the status of each. 

To submit a claim for reimbursement, use the  New Claim button

Your child's name will auto populate.

Enter the service provider number, use    to navigate to the KEEP marketplace to find the qualified service provider number.  

If your purchase is not from a qualified service provider, you may still submit a claim for reimbursement ( This does not apply to physical goods for service providers not in the marketplace). Open up the window to enter in the service provider details by clicking " Is the service provider not currently in KEEP?

A popup window will appear. Enter in the information about the service provider. DO NOT enter your personal information. The service provider will be contacted to confirm the purchase. Incorrect contact information will lead to a rejected claim. 

Please note that processing times may be extended for claims associated with service providers that are not participating in KEEP. 

Next, enter information about the purchase:

  • Service Category - Use the dropdown menu to select from the available options. 
  • What educational benefits did your child receive    
    • Please give as much information as possible about the educational value your child received to support your claim. Claims that don't include the stated educational value will be rejected. 
  • Date of Service - Please enter the date the service started, for homeschool students purchasing hard goods, please enter the purchase date. 
  • Claim Amount - Enter the amount of the claim, the amount available is shown below the textbox.

You will be asked to upload supporting documentation of your purchase or invoice. Do not round up the claim amount. 

  • Pay to - Select where the funds should be disbursed. Please note that if the service provider has not linked their bank account with KEEP, the only option available will be to reimburse funds directly to you. 

    When everything is entered as intended, submit your claim by clicking  Submit

    You can view the status of your claims directly within the app.

Claims are processed in the order that they are received.  Please allow 8* weeks for reimbursement of eligible claims. 

*Holidays and high claim volumes may delay claim processing times.