How do I apply if I'm only interested in selling physical goods?

The Kansas Education Enrichment Program offers organizations the ability to create an online store for the sole purpose of offering eligible goods to beneficiaries of KEEP.

Please note there is a two step application process:

  1. Organization approval that meets eligibility requirements.
  2. Technical approval for online store capabilities.
All businesses that want to sell physical goods to KEEP beneficiaries must be able to set up an online store that follows these guidelines:
  • The link to the store must take the shopper directly to a view that only shows a catalog of items that are program-approved. 
  • Shoppers must be able to submit an order that is placed on hold pending approval by Merit. No payment is required by the parent at this stage.
  • Changes to order pricing post order submission or approval are prohibited. If changes to pricing do occur, you will be responsible for reimbursing the KEEP program for any financial loss resulting in these changes.
  • Shoppers must be provided with an order form showing the items that are pending approval.
  • Order form must have the items listed, the purchase price, an order number and the student’s KEEP award number.
  • The parent will use this order form to submit a claim in the KEEP claims app.
  • Your business must provide a backend administrative view of the orders placed on your website that allows a Merit employee to login and match up the orders placed on your site with the claims submitted by parents in the KEEP claims app.
  • The pending orders in the admin view of the website must be actionable, so that a Merit employee can mark them approved or declined.
  • The business will ship all approved orders.
  • Returns and credits are not permitted. Exchanges 1:1 are allowed.
  • The business will send Merit an invoice for all approved orders. Merit will send payment for the items to the business.
  • For high-volume vendors, an accounting report will be provided to Merit.

If your organization can meet these requirements and you would like to proceed with the application process, please complete the form at